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Sarah Wenz
First Contact
M.A. Sarah Wenz
Temporary Head of Equal Opportunities Office

Vincenz-Prießnitz-Straße 1

76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: (07 21) 6 08-4 47 77

sarah wenzWtf9∂kit edu

familiengerechte hochschule
"University Suitable for Families Audit"

Since 2010, the KIT has been certified as a "University Suitable for Families Audit". The new certificate is valid until 2020.


Since July, 17th 2014 the KIT is member of the Baden-Württemberg initiative on "Women in STEM-professions". The initiative pursues the goal to get more girls and women interested in STEM-professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Read more (only in German available)

Welcome to Equal Opportunities at KIT

KIT protects and supports equal opportunities of women and men in all areas of research, education, innovation, and administration. Equal opportunities are understood to be a guiding principle in all areas of work.

The high priority of equal opportunities at KIT is reflected by the “Satzung für die Chancengleichheit für Frauen und Männer am Karlsruher Institute für Technologie” (Equal Opportunities Statutes for Women and Men at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) adopted by the KIT Senate in May 2014. Upon approval by the Supervisory Board, these statutes entered into force for all members of KIT in September 2014. The statutes define the framework conditions for the implementation of equal opportunities on all organizational levels of KIT. The statutes are put into more concrete terms by the Equal Opportunities Plan discussed by the KIT Senate and adopted by the Supervisory Board. This plan is part of KIT’s Structure and Development Plan. It contains concrete objectives for the implementation of equal opportunities and a list of measures to reach these objectives.

The Equal Opportunities Plan focuses on KIT working towards the elimination of existing disadvantages for women, actively pushing the increase of the proportion of women working in all disciplines and at all levels, where women are underrepresented, and improving the compatibility of job and family for both women and men. In addition, KIT wishes to improve access and career chances of women.

A special objective outlined in the Equal Opportunity Statutes is raising awareness of unequal treatments. These may be caused among others by traditional role models in the professional environment and personal prejudices. KIT therefore creatively uses all means to sharpen the awareness of equal opportunities, to question role models, and to break them up, if necessary. Work is also aimed at developing acceptance of new models of work and life and openness for changing roles of men and women.


Organization of Equal Opportunities