Common Understanding of Equal Opportunities

The concept of equal opportunities serves as a guiding principle in all decisions and measures taken at the KIT and is therefore an important management task. In concrete terms, KIT promotes equal opportunities for men and women as stipulated by law and continuously works towards the elimination of disadvantages and discriminatory structures. A very important strategic goal is to significantly increase the proportion of women in management positions. This means that measures to promote women without stereotyping discrimination remain a priority. The actual implementation of equal opportunities is made possible at KIT by promoting each individual according to his or her personal starting situation, providing fair and equitable opportunities for all, and reducing discriminatory thought patterns and structures with the goal of an equal distribution of opportunities for success. This is achieved through equal opportunity measures as well as through the continuous reflection on attitudes with regard to equal opportunities. Moreover, the concept of equal opportunities is extended to all genders.
Beyond the required legal mandate, the performance potentials of all people at KIT are proactively promoted. While this is the focus of diversity management at KIT, the concept of equal opportunities for men and women focuses on eliminating disadvantages and discriminatory structures. Common to both approaches is the principle of anti-discrimination.

(Results from Subproject 1 of the Effectiveness Analysis - Leader: Birgid Langer, Co-leader: Sarah Wenz)

KIT’s Equal Opportunities Officers provide assistance in all matters relating to equal opportunities (discrimination, sexual violence, stalking, compatibility of job, studies, and family, etc.). See also: Organization


More information on the Equal Opportunities Officers, their objectives, tasks, and responsibilities, and about the Equal Opportunities Office can be found on the following pages as well as in our flyer.

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