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Internal contact persons

Equal Opportunities Officers, scientific domain:

Equal Opportunities Officers, non scientific domain:

Other internal contact persons:

  • Dr. Robin von Both, contact person for men on the topic of sexualized violence/harassment according to Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) § 4 Abs. 9 (State University Law)
  • Amal Labbouz Equal Opportunities Officer of the AStA (General Student Committee)


With the goals of drawing attention to sexual discrimination and violence at universities in Baden-Württemberg and developing counter and preventive measures, the campaign entitled Draw a Final Stroke (Zieh einen Schlussstrich, in German only) was launched throughout the state.

In May 2020, Minister for Scientific Affairs Theresia Bauer and representatives of the universities of Baden-Württemberg signed the joint resolution entitled Against Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Violence (Gegen sexualisierte Diskriminierung, sexuelle Belästigung und Gewalt, in German only).

In this context, the working group Sexualized Violence and Harassment was established at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The aim is to raise awareness for this topic in all areas and to provide support, since everyone has the duty to care and behave responsibly regarding the topic of sexualized violence. For example, the topic of Stalking - Victim Protection from a Police Perspective was taken up in the 6th Women’s General Assembly (6. Frauenvollversammlung, Intranet, in German only) of KIT together with a guest speaker from the Mannheim Police Headquarters.

At present, the working group Sexualized Violence consists of the scientific equal opportunity officers Dr. Langer and Dr. Bergfeldt, the deputy scientific equal opportunity officers Mrs. Mathes and Dr. Zimina, the head of the office for equal opportunities, Mrs. Sarah Wenz, the contact person for men on the topic of sexualized violence/harassment, Dr. Robin von Both, the equal opportunity officer of the AStA, Mrs. Amal Labbouz as well as students and doctoral students. The working group is also open to other interested persons.

External counselling centers



"Stalking", means "pursuing" and is in legal sense the willful and repeated (persistent) persecution or harassment of a person, whose physical or mental integrity is threatened or can be damaged directly, indirectly or in the long term.

Internal contact persons

"Weisser Ring", the only nationwide active victim support organisation in Germany and "Weisser Ring Stiftung" (foundation) have developed a "NO STALK App" which is now available in your app stores.

External counselling centers